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We Recruit Remote Self-employed Sales Teams.


We are always looking for new clients to apply for our special Sales Partnership Contract. We have a ten point checklist to qualify.

  1. They are in a market sector that is growing and helped by the Pandemic.
  2. They already have profitable products.
  3. They already have profitable sales people.
  4. They have sales support administration in place.
  5. They have Lead Generation.
  6. They have Marketing in place.
  7. They have a prepared Sales Training course.
  8. They have a Sales Manual and other materials.
  9. The MD has clear inspiration leadership qualities.
  10. They think and plan on being a large company.

If you can say Yes to all of the above we need to talk.

A Plan for your Recruitment Day (The day can be online or hotel based for office or remote sales staff.)

10:50 – Registration
Applicants arrive to register.  They must sign our disclaimer to behave respectfully, confidentially and honestly.  Whilst waiting to start observe how they they behave.  Who can mingle with others naturally?  Who are the leaders?

11:00 – Presentation by us first and then you.
We talk for 30 minutes to the group about the role, the company, the job.  Focus on the sales job pressures.  Paint a realistic picture and talk about the work, talking of constant rejection, commitment until success is achieved.  We put off the weak and those who are thinking of trying their best. Remote working requires self-discipline and experience. This saves you considerable time repeating the same message to everyone individually.

Then break for just 5 minutes and invite anyone to drop out. Please note that we recruit people who want self-employed high income commission based positions. We do not sell the idea of self-employment to people who are traditional employees preferring a basic.

11:45 – Personal Presentations
We invite each person to make a 1 minute presentation.  You will see their confidence, (although interview nerves can be a positive thing), clarity of communication, persuasiveness, personality and how well they have listened to the previous talk and can use it in theirs.

12:15 – Team Leadership (Optional)
Depending on your product we design an exercise where they must in a team present as a group and sell to the audience.  You will immediately see the strong leaders when you ask them to form into 3 groups of their own choice.

Following the now two presentations, we add up the scores and reject those that don’t meet the grade.  We announce the rejections  in the nicest way as possible.

Those that remain are feeling naturally good whilst aware that the competition is increasing.

Take just a half an hour lunch break.

13:30 – Sales Training followed by Presentations (Optional)
We give a basic sales training related to your product.  Following this we put all applicants in a circle if hotel event.  Then invite them one by one to enter the circle and pitch a product you give them to everyone around them. No sales, they are out.  They must do the whole sales process. Get attention, rapport, identity someone with a need, open, objection handle, close. Look for creativity, energy, passion and determination to succeed.

Following this exercise again reduce the group size.

You now have an elite group of people, winners, who have proved that they can sell against competition.

14:30 – Individual Interviews
Consider all that has happened as the first interview.  You now have a select motivated group who want to pass to the last stage and win the offer.  interview them one by one. Before this speak to the remaining elite to cover all the questions that they would all ask to save time.  Keep the interviews short.

14:30 – Offers and Acceptances
Make final offer and starting decisions at the end of each interview.  We filter for people who can start immediately.

The next day you onboard your new remote commission focused sales team.  You need to have a sales manual, sales scripts, sales and product training, presentations, marketing and lead generation all in place ready.

Commission only recruitment, self employed sales, sales agents, remote sales recruitment, salespeople recruitment

Your Recruitment Day – A better way to recruit

The process is simple, although there are many highly efficient processes to make it cost effective and efficient in delivering results.

Say you want to recruit between 2 to 12 sales people to add to your team to fuel expansion. Sales and profit growth.

First makes sure you have administration, marketing and sales support all in place for your new team to secure and amplify their productivity.   We will  now need to mass market through an automated system to trawl in a large group of applicants.  We filter by adding pre-qualifying questions in our adverts then direct appropriate applicants to a comprehensive job description, including multi media.  Remote Commission only sales people ask much more than traditional employees.

We also use recruitment funnels and chatbots on Facebook and Linkedin where it is easier to attract an audience of self-employed sales professionals looking  for lucrative opportunities.   This is a filtering and selling tool that is essential.  This job description also might give them recommended reading and pre-interview preparation tasks. We always ask them to confirm attendance.  On average even having confirmed only half will show up, the better half. To get a group of 15 we target 30+ confirmations.  All  of this is automated and can be re-run to keep building your remote sales team.

Our process involves a lot of initial set up work and ensuring all the support services are in place. All interviewees are processed on the one day.  No drip feed over weeks of people coming in to see you once, then back again. No wasted time on ‘no shows’.

Commission only recruitment, self employed sales, sales agents, remote sales recruitment, salespeople recruitment

We will assume you have defined your corporate culture and put support infrastructure in place as in the eBook the 12 Golden Rules.

Where do we get candidates from?
a) Our own databases from previous contacts.  Including our own personal networks and followers.
b) We have built a self-employed sales community. We have done this on Facebook, Linkedin, YouTube and thorough our websites.
c) Recruitment advertising, chatbots and funnels on Facebook and Linkedin.
d) Community building programmes on Facebook and Linkedin usually offering free eBook downloads to build a self-employed sales community.
e) Job board and other media advertising. Buy in adverts in bulk from a media buyer.  As a bulk recruitment industry buyer we pay a fraction of retail prices. We have experts for copywriting and who know  the optimum days/times to publish.  We place multiple headings to match the variety of search criterion candidates use.
f) CV database email marketing
g) Exhibitions, events and giving talks

How long does it take to recruit?
Allow 2 weeks to gather a group together before your Recruitment Day. Then make offers and conclude acceptances on the day. Always start them as soon as possible.

Can you include selling exercises using my products?
Yes, always.  In designing group and individual role plays we will use your own products and sales scripts.  You need to see them live as if working for you.  As well as increase your ability to judge it will also increase their reality of what the job entails.

Information you need to establish before you start.

  1. How many sales staff can you onboard at one time?
  2. When do you want them?
  3. What /commission/residual/bonus/benefits do you offer?
  4. What training do you provide?
  5. What is special about your company’s products/services?
  6. What are your corporate values?
  7. What are your long-term growth plans?
  8. What does, or could your top earner take home per month?
  9. What is the demographic spread of your current sales team; age, background, education level etc?
  10. How many sales people do you currently employ?
  11. What career progression is possible?

If you want us to run your Recruitment Days

Standard prices and details below. Ask about special promotions.

Best deal is our Sales Partnership Contract.  Ask for details and a quote.

Interview Process Days – Securing productive sales people.


Sales Senior Sales Override
Investment/Price £3,000 per person £6,000 per person 25% override of earnings
Advance required

(Deducted from later fees)

£3,000+ VAT (Advance on rec fees) £6,000+ VAT (Advance on rec fees) £6,000+ VAT (Advance on rec fees)
Replacement Guarantee Period 3 Months 3 Months N/A
Average at event 10-30 6- 12 6-12
Processing Time Full Day Full Day Full Day
Role Play Assessments (Optional)

(Tailored to client)

(Zoom or Hotel)

Personal Presentation

Group Presentation

Sales Presentation


Personal Presentation

Sales Presentation

Closing role play


Personal Presentation

Leadership Role Play

Sales Presentation


Basic Sales Training Yes Yes No
All inclusive:
Client Consultancy on Admin/Marketing and Led Gen Support Yes Yes Yes
Event Venue  Zoom/Hotel  Zoom/Hotel Zoom/Hotel
Job Description Yes Yes Yes
Multi-Media Yes Yes Yes
Chatbots/Funnels Yes Yes Yes
CV+ References Provided Yes Yes Yes
Company Presentation Yes Yes Yes
Full Interviewing Process Yes Yes Yes
Eliminations by SM Yes Yes Yes
Investment/Price £3,000+ VAT per person
less advance
£6,000 + VAT per person less advance 25% Override less Advance

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