Success Moves Recruitment Associate  (Self-employed Zero investment)

The Opportunity:
We offer a self-employed opportunity to join a growing network of Franchisees and Associates in an international high-income sales recruitment company. We have innovative proven products in a clear and growing market without direct competition.  We offer a unique assessment day service that offers customers far more with greater success from their new people.

We have eliminated and reduced many costs, whilst increasing value to customers.  This means that we can pay Associates generous recruitment commission fees and support them in many ways.  The market for remote salespeople is huge, growing rapidly and little served. Companies always will want more sales, especially if they can be mainly financed on results.  Facebook and Linkedin give us candidate access instantly to any geographical, sector, industry, demographic and psychographic.

You will earn 30-50% on all your candidates placed and what is most important from the repeat bookings from your portfolio  of clients.  All customers pay a deposit also enabling quick income.

Those who qualify will also attend the development weekend trainings in Marbella.

How much is the investment?
ZERO £0.  There is no financial commitment.
You will also receive ongoing buddying, coaching and full centre support at our expense.

What do I do exactly?
Recruit people directly and manage our Interview Process Days.  Build a personal client portfolio that you service.

You must be establsihed and familiar with LinkedIn.  You will be coached and trained on prospecting on Linkedin, visiting, presenting and general recruitment matters until you are confident on you own.

You need to be a positive, confident, dynamic person with business experience and financially motivated.

How much can I earn?
There are three elements to your remuneration.

  1. On direct recruitment you will receive 50% of the fee received for each placement. Our average fee is £6,000.
  2. For managing, including presenting on Interview Process Day assignments you will be paid 30% on all fees. This could be up to 5 placements per event.
  3. For presenting on I.P. Days alone you will receive £400 day rate.
  4. Sales introduction and closing fees.
  5. There are also ad hoc fees for special projects from time to time.

We only target customers that have ongoing monthly needs, supplying you with ongoing assignments.

An average full-time person after the first quarter will earn £50,000- £125,000 year one.

Who is this opportunity for?

  • Those with familiarity and 500 plus connections on LinkedIn.
  • Experienced executives wanting their own business.
  • Coaches/Trainers/Consultants wanting to build on their already established connections.
  • Entrepreneurs who can see the lucrative potential of Executive Recruitment.
  • Those who want high income as a ‘digital nomad’.

Ways to headhunt quality placeable candidates.

  • Follow up leads from adverts, database and recruitment funnels.
  • Message and connect on Linkedin and use advanced tools.
  • Networking on and offline.
  • Visit and close deals with clients.
  • Telephone conversation with candidates and clients.
  • Run Interview Process Days and encouraging repeats and referrals.
  • Attend events that self-employed sales professionals frequent.
  • Attend entrepreneur, own business-related seminars, webinars, meetings and conferences.

Initial sales will come from existing assignments and leads generated from our online marketing.  You will be expected to follow up these leads, visit when appropriate and close deals.  Then a percentage of your sales revenue will be allocated to paid advertisements and other marketing to generate leads specifically for you. You will also add your own efforts to this.

Centre will always be promoting the company and pass on leads. We will also be managing sales funnels which will provide for your ongoing leads for new business.

Benefits of a Success Moves Associate
There are plenty of companies who will buy the idea of building a remote sales team, often using the Interview Process Day product. This is because it offers them far more benefits than alternatives. Although we recruit for all formulas, very few sales recruiters will touch Remotes, Commission Only or Business Opportunities, so very limited competition. We can do this effectively and it allows a company to scale with minimum finance.

We have now  developed advanced marketing and paid advertising processes to develop new business. On visits we enjoy a 1 in 2 conversion rate.

Strengths and Opportunities to help you Recruit

  • Growing demand for self-employment by companies and candidates.
  • Growing demand for remotes internationally.
  • Interview Process Day tried, tested and best product on market.
  • Able to recruit for high paying opportunities in low cost regions.
  • Established websites and social media.
  • Global markets and international connections.
  • Commission only sales recruitment always popular, especially in a recession.

The Future
Our vision is to expand a network of Franchisees and Associates in the UK and globally. Clearly the early movers will be in a beneficial position. London, Manchester, Birmingham in the UK and Berlin,  Amsterdam in continental Europe are targeted now.  Then later Washington, Miami in the USA are specific targets where we already have interested parties under discussion.    Our Associates are well paid and have the choice to develop their career on international assignments.  You can also manage your own team, specialise in a centre role or become a Franchisee yourself as career and business options.

We sell our services in what marketers call a ‘Blue Ocean’ environment.  Not the ‘Red Ocean’ full of sharks fighting for each customer but where we operate in clear waters.  We have created a new way to recruit offering far more service whilst reducing costs significantly. We charge premium prices, making it even more profitable.

The Interview Process Day Product Explained
Our lead product is the Interview Process Day. We trawl a group of sales candidates in a hotel venue for a specific client. We put them through role plays and tests eliminating as we go. At the end of the day we interview the short list with the client.  They take who they want.  Customers always become, ‘raving fans’.  We charge for this as a standard rate fixed fee of 20% of starting salary per person. In all cases customers pay a deposit.  You will be paid 30% for each placement you manage.

We run Interview Process Days for multiples, one-person, senior juniors, commission only, remotes, nationally and internationally, whatever they want.  We have recruited and ran Interview Process Days all over the UK. (Gatwick, Stansted, Heathrow, Southampton, Maidstone, Exeter, Bristol, Southampton, Chester, Manchester, Edinburgh, Coventry, Nottingham,).

The Interview Process Day offers more service at a lower price and increases retention rates because the recruitment process is more professional and thorough.  The role plays have been improved considerably since the start.  We have and are focused on sales, yet we could offer the product in other disciplines. We automate the whole process. We do not read CVs, interview one to one, call back and forth to arrange interviews. Makes you more productive and able to earn more.

The prospects we are targeting are all exclusive ongoing constant need clients. This is one of the reasons why we like to recruit self-employed remotes, as it enables often 100+ vacancies and allows companies to scale. You can recruit worldwide giving us a much larger talent pool access.

Our main website is We also have a website specific for candidates for our Interview Process Days  There is also a coded entry internal support site with operating manual and forum for Franchisees and Associates

Sales and Recruitment Funnel Support
We have sales and recruitment online funnels already set up, complete with free downloadable eBooks, landing pages, etc.  These will generate client hot leads for you and also a flow of suitable candidates.

Centre will regularly produce content, eBooks for lead magnets, YouTube videos, blogs all to feed our brand and to provide as much online content as possible. Research clearly shows prospects do extensive reading, watching and listening both before and after they talk to companies.

National and International Accounts
We also have some national accounts and as we build these you will have immediate income potential.

Centre Marketing Support
We carry out various functions at centre to support Franchisees and Associates.
1.Adverts on Linkedin, Facebook, You Tube for clients and applicants.
2.Social media regular postings.
3. Job board advertisement postings.
4.Multiple online sales funnels.
5.Candidate funnels.
6.Free downloadable eBooks to feed funnels and capture emails.
7.Building and marketing of own databases.
8.Promotion at events.
9.Articles, blogs, interviews.
10.Producing YouTube videos, PowerPoints etc on your clients to save you time recruiting.

Our centre team will also help source you clients and candidates as well as more generic brand promotion.

What do I do to move forward on this?

Initially contact me Alex McMillan on 07525-916574 who will put you in touch with the franchise owner for your area.

We want people who want to work hard and scale their business to new heights exploiting our in-demand new way to recruit. Our team will train and support you so as to ensure your success from the start.