Success Moves is growing nationally and internationally through a network of partners.  We believe strongly that our people should be offered the opportunity to own their own business and earn high and passive income.  To this end we have two business opportunities to partner with us.  We also believe in taking full advantage of the digital age and the tech that it offers.  We believe in low risk high reward and to support this our business model has very low fixed costs, high margins, fully retained (deposits before we start work) and repeat income.

The first opportunity is as a Marketing Associate. No purchase price.  You help us to build traffic, reputation, brand and other marketing to generate both leads of new clients and of people to place.   We support you, free of charge, with training, coaching and specific online sales funnels and other materials to generate your leads.  You will be paid generously for every lead you generate that is placed or becomes a client.  There will also be fixed fee payments for specific projects and ongoing promotional work.

This is a good position if you are making the first move into your own business.  You must have an interest and experience with social media and internet marketing.  The founder of Success Moves is an author on entrepreneurship (See Amazon) and the learning through mentoring and coaching, all free is very valuable.  We offer a proven business model, guarantee of sales and full support from an established company with a unique product. Expected income can vary between £1-£6,000 per month, assuming full time.

The second opportunity is as a Recruitment Franchisee £5,000+ VAT.  You are free to work any market, nationally and abroad.  Once you have secured a client, you own the fee rights to them and have a building asset.  You can also immediately place people in national accounts secured by Centre. We guarantee sales of triple the investment. We will also recruit a team for you and train them included in the purchase price and work closely with you until the business is profitable. Due to low fixed costs that will be targeted for quarter 1.

We train and coach you, even close visits etc until you have your first 2 clients.  There is also ongoing coaching beyond that.  You will earn 30 to 50% clear on all sales and repeat sales that you generate and manage.  The business costs are paid from sales receipts from centre. We cover the accounting, administration recruitment advertising, marketing and other central support.

This is suitable for senior business executives, partnerships who see the opportunity and investors who can appoint someone else to run the business. Expected income £5-£20,000 per month.

For both opportunities there is a section to be read first, followed by a more comprehensive business plan.

To discuss either and explore the potential in your location please call me Alex McMillan confidentially on 07525-916574

Success Moves wants ambitious entrepreneurs to own their own lucrative sales recruitment business using their brand.

They offer a unique way of recruiting through Interview Process Days, making it much more effective with less cost. Customers soon become ‘raving fans’; once they have experienced the difference and re-book regularly.

Established in 2008 they are looking to cover various regions across the UK. The MD has 7 published books on Amazon covering entrepreneurship and believes strongly in helping people own their own successful business.

The Success Moves Opportunity
The role itself involves visiting companies and organising and running recruitment events in 4-star hotels.

All of Success Moves customers pay a deposit, are exclusive and repeat order.  We have very low fixed costs and high margins meaning your NET profit is 30% of sales.

Our offer is very appealing to customers as we do all the recruitment.  (Agencies just send CVs and arrange interviews).  Our process attracts better quality candidates and sets them up to value the offer more.  Our costs are much lower not requiring recruitment consultants. We use software, apps to process what is needed, all making it a very profitable business.

We have a lead generation system that works based upon offering free quality eBooks capturing emails and then taking them through a sales funnel.  Linkedin is our best source and a good presence on there is valuable.  We also source candidates from Linkedin and Facebook meaning that we can operate in any country effectively.  Although you will focus on your own area, you are free to build your business in other locations including abroad.

We need ambitious people who are:

  • Experienced in business and presenting at senior level. (B2B)
  • Consultative and have an entrepreneurial understanding of businesses.
  • Motivated to build a high passive income by building a portfolio.

Training and Support
You will be put through a full and ongoing training program guided by a senior member of the team who will coach and mentor you.  This will include assistance in visits, closing deals and coaching you through expanding your client base and business.

A summary of just some of the things included:

  • Continuous paid advertising.
  • Your own free eBook sales funnel to capture leads.
  • Use of our unique Interview Process Day product.
  • One to one coaching.
  • Cover and support when excess business.
  • Accounting, legal and administration support.
  • Central hotel booking service.
  • Managed advertisement campaigns, written published and managed.
  • Job board advertising.
  • Copywriters for specific campaigns.
  • Speakers for promotional events you may organise.
  • IT and technical services.
  • Support to target additional markets.


Your Earning Opportunity as a Recruitment Franchisee
As well as the sales income you earn, each client you bring in becomes a part of your portfolio which you own. You will therefore have a growing capital asset as well as high income potential. Realistic £50- £100,000 income year one.

You are focused on building just 6 clients and then your focus moves to servicing and growing them.  At this stage you can build a team and receive an override commission fee on all of their results.

Your investment covers you for initial marketing, advertising and full support.  You own the contract rights to each customer you sign up, and therefore the fee income for the lifetime of that client giving you a residual passive income.

  • These earnings are not subject to PAYE tax, and any related expenses are tax deductible meaning you keep more of what you earn.

To discuss either and explore the potential in your location please call me Alex McMillan confidentially on 07525-916574