SM Investor Club

We in Success Moves Sales, our client and candidates are all focused on building wealth. As such we have formed a group of likeminded individuals to join us in making investments in quoted shares. 

As the owner of Success Move Sales, I have recruited for 75 investment companies. I have visited them, recruited staff, and learnt all about their investment products. The benefits, the risk, the payoffs. All the details.  They have ranged from Buy to Let Property, Fine Wine, Fine Art, Company Shares, Options, Futures, CFDs, Bonds, Diamonds, Commodities, Hotels, Car Parks, Offices, the list is endless.

Out of all of them I invest ALL my profits into one place.

I do this because they consistently produce high returns, have covered all the risks, and have an expert on hand so that I need not understand every detail, technique, and investment methodology.

So, if you are wondering.

  1. Should I get into Bitcoin, or is it set for a crash.
  2. How about Buy to let Property as I can leverage my money
  3. How about Fine Wine, surely that is safer and improves all by itself.
  4. Maybe company shares but which ones in this Post Pandemic world.

Investor Disadvantages

  1. Well, if you intend to learn all about investment you have a big project in front of you. Even mastering one type of investment will take a degree time to learn properly. Not practical.
  2. As a small investor, and this means you not only have to do all the research yourself but pay a premium for any bought in research or analysis reports and advice.
  3. Not sure where to start.
  4. As salespeople we have not got the discipline for regular investments. Even a £100 per month put away will add up to thousands without any interest. But do we do it?
  5. Need to monitor your investments regularly. This can become a full-time job if you are not careful.
  6. As salespeople we need to maximise our income. Where most of us go working is ten not investing wisely and turning working for money into money working for us.

Few people, if like me, never master any of the investments mentioned above.  And these companies will all sell their investments. They are doing so because they make brokerage fees.  So, they get paid from your money paid, whether the investment goes up or down. Makes them think of sales commissions rather than returns.

So, I decided to be an Intelligent Investor.

  1. Identify who the masters truly are, by results they made for themselves.
  2. Then copy them, their formula for success, instead of trying to learn everything they know.
  3. Be Pessimistic ( as salespeople we tend to be optimistic) and covers all the possibilities of something going wrong.
  4. Only take on an adviser who benefits if your investment goes up.

I have two business degrees and have recruited in the city for over a decade. I am better financially educated by far than the average salesperson. Yet I would not go ahead and invest in anything without my expert coach.

I found the perfect solution. I invest in an investment club. A group of investors with exactly the same interests as me. Strength in numbers, also leverage. I get all sorts of advantages because my investment is potentially ten times what I put in every month. Lots of advantage in that.

We focus on company shares.  Shares have always been where the action is in making profits.  If you know what you are doing you can totally cover the risks by simple and sophisticated means. You can even rent shares out whilst you hold them if you know what you are doing.

Anyway. I am watching my money grow. It always goes up. I am good at maths, understand the concept of ‘compound interest’. But this is not enough, you need to see and feel it personally. When I look at an investment and realise more than half of it is from the interest and the interest on the interest. It rapidly becomes a formula that is more about the profit on your interest rather than the capital introduced. You just need to trigger it off. Your original stake becomes less and less significant to your overall wealth the further you go.

Anyway, I am looking for people to join our Success Moves group of winners, let me know. Feel free to ring me, Alex McMillan with any questions 07525-9167574 

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