Our Sales Partnership Contract is for those who want to scale and take on 100+ Sales Associates. You must already be an established profitable business with the capacity to scale.
We offer a thoroughly professional service, covered by our checklist below. This can include full marketing, lead generation and training support of each new recruit. For this we ask for an override on the commission earnt by each placed Sales Associate. No recruitment or lead generation or training fees. We also ask for an advance (deducted from subsequent fees) representing half of our set up costs at trade price.)

  1. New Sales Associate Recruitment Profile
    Minimum experience level?
    Specific experience?
    Language or special skill required.
    Preferred timescale on new recruits.
    Recruitment Chatbot and Funnel.

  2. Recruitment
    Live Hotel group events
    Virtual group events

  3. Remuneration Formula for Sales Associates.
    Status levels (3).
    Fast Track Bonuses
    Advances on Commission Fees
    Manager Overrides

  4. Training and Development 
    Training in place?
    Sales Scripts?
    Training Portal with Audios and Videos?
    Product info and videos?
  1. Lead Generation and Other Marketing Tools
    Marketing Support in place now?
     Lead Magnets, eBook or Webinar Production.
     Sales Funnels
     Lead Generation
     Paid Advertising