How to Scale Your Business Without Raising Major Finance

You have built a very successful business. You now want to get to the next level. You realise organic growth can take a long time and requires raising and risking large amounts of capital.  You are looking for alternatives.

We have one that might be right for you.
The nature of capitalism is fundamentally changing with the rise of tech.  A new breed of owner/employee is emerging.  The working population increasingly wants to be more independent use tech to work from home or wherever. They want a larger share like a partner from their contribution.
Yes you have to pay them a higher percentage of the margin. But you have no office, equipment or basic salary costs. So, your risk is down, you need not raise capital and you can cover the higher payout having more people promote your products. It works better both ways.

So instead of sharing your profits with an outside investor. Why not keep your shares and focus rewarding the people that are actively building your business by financing growth from increased sales.
Lowering your fixed costs also makes your business much more secure.

Our 100SM (100 Success Movers) system works.  We can recruit from anywhere. We can also launch you into any market you choose without any local set up fixed costs.

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