I hear regularly.
“It is so difficult to find good salespeople. We offer interviews and only half show up. Even when we make offers many of them just give up before the end of their first month. We have such a good opportunity but held back by finding good salespeople. We have tried agencies and advertising ourselves. Neither really work. What can we do?”

Before I answer that question. I will explain why those two options have limited success.

Advertising yourself does not work, because you do not
have the copywriting skills.
understand how job boards really work.
realise why and how to use multiple headings.
have an automated filtering process.
have a recruitment funnel to process candidates.
Have someone free to answer all the calls, mostly from totally inappropriate applicants.

Most job hunters believe that the best way to get their dream job is to make as many applications as possible. So, they “Click Apply” as fast as they can. Research shows that very few actually read the advert. What is the point if they don’t have an interview? So, they “blitz market” as many as possible. This means for example if you advertise a job that says something repeatedly. You still get inappropriate applicants; whose CV actually states what they are looking for is not what you are offering. When we advertise, we buy in bulk and place multiple adverts, different days, titles and then filter them through an automated process. We also use several other methods.

Why traditional recruitment agencies no longer work.
Companies use traditional recruitment agencies because they don’t see alternatives. Actually, firstly their name is wrong, they don’t do the recruitment. They send CVs and you have to do all the filtering, testing, interviewing, recruiting yourself. Negotiating salary is done usually by the candidates and client directly.
Most of them just send CVs (often nowhere near the specification) and arrange interviews for YOU to do. Then if you take one, they invoice you for the recruitment work you have just done.

There are three solutions.

1. Call me, Alex now on 07525916574 and ask for a specific proposal with guarantees of success.
2. Download our free eBook and do it yourself using our system. Download it anyway just to see how it is done.
3. Change your business model. (which we can help with, see below).

Our Interview Process Day product solves the above challenges.
1. If we want 2 or 3 recruits, we target to get 10+ applicants on the Interview Process Day. To achieve this, we get 20+ confirms of attendance, all automated. That way the half that do not show up did not waste our time.
2. We write long job descriptions, often with videos. This way advertising responses are sent the link which answers all the questions they would have rang us with. It also filters out the bad fit and fires up the right ones. We use talented sales copywriters.
3. We thoroughly test and role play applicants, leaving no doubt if they have the skills and motivation to succeed in the job.
4. The tough testing to get the job and use of 4-star hotels sends a message how professional and serious we are about who is hired.
5. The successful applicants see the group dwindle to the short list. Making them an elite which in turn means they value your job offer.

Extending the Talent Pool
Our system works and yet it is still limited by your catchment area.
The limit is the size of the pool itself. At the end of the day we can only find, filter, and motivate people that exist in your catchment area. To get around this we cheat by changing the dynamics of the talent pool.
We do three things.
1. Recruit remote salespeople.
This is a massively growing trend meaning that you can recruit worldwide. It also means you can have a local field sales presence in all areas you want to operate in. It does though require a different business model to support a remote sales team.

2. Set up an overseas telesales office
A telesales office can be anywhere. This means you can put it in an area where there are better quality sales staff at a lower price. We prefer Southern Spain as our main option for various reasons.

3. Training and development.
Training pays a R.O.I to companies that have recruited the right people. Then we can now train them in selling your specific product, coupled with coaching. See our www.successmsovestraining.co.uk

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