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The big mistake most business owners make is thinking that sales and marketing is about where to put your adverts.  Linkedin, Facebook, Google, maybe try SEO, Chatbots etc.

Sales and Marketing has always been about a funnel.  In pre-Internet days salespeople used to talk about the rule of 7.  This meant on average for every product or service it takes 7 touch points before a prospect buys.  To put it another way imagine you were in a room of 2000 adults and you said hands up if you are looking to buy a new television at the moment?  Maybe 2 or 3% put their hands up.  If you then said how many of you expect to be buying a TV at some point in the future, nearly all the hands will go up.  The point is that it is not all about sales now.  Today’s sales will come mainly through people who have been communicated with many times before.

Online the rule of 7 still applies.  There are some differences though.

First you need ‘Attraction Marketing’.

This will get warm and hot prospects.

We then can recruit you remote salespeople that close deals.  Remotes, Commission Only, Overseas low-cost sales operatives, whatever.  Can be paid for on ‘Hot Prospect Bundles’ basis or fixed monthly fee for ongoing services or percentage on converted deals.

What is Attraction Marketing?
The digital age has turned marketing on its head.  Now the best way to make a sale is to attract prospects to come to you.  This is best done by providing something of great value in return for a name and email address.  The idea is to get them to know, like and trust you but also value your gift and see that you are a credible expert in your subject.  You have developed rapport, a foundation for the relationship.  From this, research shows that prospects will typically read a lot about you on your website and Linkedin profiles.

You can set up automated email follow ups, with offers, promotions but largely valuable tips.

By the time the customer makes contact they know what you offer and are virtually ready to order.

So, you need to drop the idea of cold calling, keeping secrets, or expecting to charge for your expertise.

Now, because of technology your sales funnels can be automated.  You need to write compelling copy and then you need to understand the funnel process to take them through what works.  Then you need the software to make it all happen.

Success Moves can do it all for you at low price and charge you on a rental rather than a large upfront fee basis.  We make sure your prospect gets an excellent smooth service. This means they will be delivered to your sales people ready to talk serious business, warmed up and positive.

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