Defining Your Corporate Culture – Values At Work

Listed below are some suggestions of things you may value at work.  Give each one a grade 0-5, 0 being least important 5 being most important to you.

Achievement              Advancement             Authority                  Challenge

Creativity                    Change                         Co-operation            Competence

Competition                Detail                           Excitement                Developing Others

Effectiveness              Excellence                  Discipline                 Ethical Practice

Friendship                   Growth                         Honesty                     High Earnings

Involvement                Knowledge                  Leading                     Intellectual Work

Learning                      Location                      Loyalty                      Influencing Others

Managing                    Merit                            Money                       Making Decisions

Openness                     Order                            Peace                         Meaningful Work

Power                           Promotion                   Recognition              Precision

Reputation                  Responsibility            Quality                      Sense of Humour

Security                       Self Respect                Stability                    Personal Development

Status                           Pragmatism                 Respect                      Teamwork

Travel                          Variety                         Pioneering                 Working Alone

Integrity                       Fun                               Giving                        Being Under Pressure

Companionship          Commitment               Socialising                Motivating Others

Earning Trust              Ecology                       Fairness                     Progression

Independence             Freedom                      Results                       Realism

Initiative                      Opportunity                Deadlines                  Targets

Delegation                   Self-Reliance              Prestige                      Self-Esteem

Confidence                 Truth                            Fellowship                Harmony

Practicality                  Goals                            Tolerance                  Accountability

Improvement              Discovery                    Curiosity                   Assurance

Praise                           Reward                        Bonuses                     Fame

Be Noticed                  Appreciation               Accolade                   Approval

Commendations         Admiration                  Solitude                     Safety

Routines                      Forgiveness                 Support                      Common-Sense

Expertise                     Innovation                   Strong Leadership   Entrepreneurship



Using the above list as a guide, think about what is most important to you at work.  Think about their relative importance to you and put them in priority order.  Compare any two and ask, If I had to give up one which would it be?

In a team probe and help each other to do this, you may find that some merge together under one heading. Finally list three from everybody’s top five. This is a definition of your corporate culture.  When you recruit give applicants this form and ask them to do the same.   Thus one technique will save you a lot of time and money on hiring the wrong people.

Define corporate culture and company core values

Defining Your Corporate Culture – Values At Work