How to turn raw data into warm and hot leads through a telesales team.

There are different types of salespeople. ‘Openers’ are those that make first contact, develop rapport, attention, interest and qualify prospects.  Then they pass the now warm lead to a ‘closer’ who persuades the customer to commit money.   Often the roles are combined, which has the plus side of one contact.  However, the sales skills of opening and closing are quite different.  Openers warm people up.  Closers are assertive, strong, decisive and above all ask for the money.  Not all salespeople are good at both.

Depending on your industry you might well need telemarketers as openers and then closers who actually see the prospects face to face.

Now one of the big mistakes of a start-up or small business is to think the following. ‘Ok we have space a can afford one salesperson now.  We can offer a competitive salary and that will get us a good quality salesperson.’

It can work when they are well led and managed, however most people running a growing business are not experienced Sales Managers and greatly underestimate the skills required and do not have the time anyway.

Before recruiting ‘openers’ though you need to review your marketing and ensure you have plenty of content all over your website and social media.  This can itself provide warm leads and also support the telemarketers by referring prospects to all this material or using it directly on a phone conversation.  If your content is quality, it will greatly help the job of the openers and closers.

When interviewing openers.  (And bear in mind we consider that interviewing is a very weak way to assess sales staff). This is why we offer Interview Process Days) you are looking for people that are lively, outgoing, initiative takers.  From an NLP perspective auditories who have no fear of rejection or nervousness talking to strangers, often at high level.

The Rule of Three
You have a space and a budget for one salesperson to get on the phone and get you appointments.  Rarely works.

Here is why.

Very few telephone salespeople can work alone.  They need constant fire ups, motivation, competition, status achievements.  All of this is much easier to manage and motivate when there is a team of at least three.

Actually, the stick is more powerful than the carrot in motivating sales staff. Managers of course prefer to offer incentives and avoid the stick. So, they allow non producers to go on and on without taking action. This costs them money but also loses their respect amongst other sales staff. Ultimately the biggest stick is firing someone.  However, there are many others.  Being on the bottom of the sales results board for the month. Not qualifying for the weekend trip to Marbella. Or someone who joined after them being promoted before them.  All of these can have powerful motivational value.

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how to turn raw data into hot leads?

raw data into hot leads