How to Earn 6 Figures Fast with BBX

A lucrative self-employed Comms Plus Residual Opportunity.

  1. BBX the background

“Best I have seen in last ten years and I am in the business of reviewing high income sales jobs and non-investment business opportunities.    People now are earning over £20,000 per month.  So good is the BBX product offer I have bought it myself for Success Moves.  AND I went to pitch them!” Alex McMillan

Managing a recruitment business, I have found that companies and candidates are thinking differently.  Opportunities are moving away from the traditional office basic plus comms formula to self-employed remote, for those with experience.  Industries that were booming are now in decline.  Industries not heard of 5 years ago like Fintech are in boom.  Alternative currencies are commonplace.  Companies are now wanting and employing more remote workers. It saves them a lot of costs for offices and allows them to reach a far larger talent pool.  Employees also are asking to work remote and wanting a larger share for what they contribute.  It saves them commuting costs and time, pays higher income and gives them more freedom and independence.  Technology has made it all possible and practical.

This has greatly encouraged entrepreneurship. Gone are the days when you needed up-front risk capital to start a business and enjoy a greater share of the profits you produce.

Many people in sales now realise that a basic salary, although nice taking off pressure, makes them more likely to be made redundant when figures are low and leave the lion’s share of their profits to the employer when high.    The saying that £1K of basic costs you £5K of commission  is truer today.  The Internet age has made us all think more like entrepreneurs.  People are now thinking that their status is how much they earn each month coupled with freedom and independence.

Employees want better deals, especially those who already have experience and self-confidence in performing.

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2.What makes a great 6 figure sales opportunity?

  1. A product/service with a strong demand whatever the market conditions.
  2. A very strong and clear unique offer.
  3. A formula that supports high income.
  4. A formula with a residual income.
  5. Quick sales and thus commission in month one.
  6. No purchase price or cost, including for training.
  7. Easy to find plentiful leads OR marketing support OR provided leads.

BBX has all of these and is looking for salespeople throughout the UK.

Let me explain BBX and then why it satisfies all seven requirements above.  Then how you can apply.

3.So, what or who is BBX?
BBX offers incredible resources to a customer. Including guaranteed new customers, interest free credit and much improved cash flow.  It is a much more efficient way to trade taking advantage of the new economic era we live in.  It is enjoying explosive growth around the world.

BBX is the bank of spare capacity working alongside a company’s current arrangements.    It serves a growing business community that trade with each other through their own alternative currency.  It guarantees increased sales, making them a preferred supplier to thousands.

BBX was established in 1993 in Sydney Australia.  It is now in 14 countries with over 100,000 regular customers. A number which is added to every single hour.  It is the largest organisation of its kind in the world and growing very rapidly.

4.So, what is Spare Capacity and why is it so key?
Spare capacity is the wasted, unused resources of a business through not fully utilising everything it currently has. To an accountant what is key is that sales made by utilising spare capacity are more profitable as there are no additional fixed costs.

For example, a hotel with 20 rooms has 12 booked tonight and 8 vacant.  Those 8 rooms if filled would only have marginal cost if sales were made.  The cleaner and the restaurant could probably service these two rooms without any extra cost.  So, if we could get just 2 of them booked, we would make more than 90% profit margin on the sales price.  Plus, two happy customers that might book again and tell their friends.

Spare capacity can be on space, people, time, stock, machines, software, many things.  It is different for each business.

What BBX does is promote that spare capacity though its business community with an Account Manager, online directory, marketplace, exhibitions, networking groups email and SMS marketing.

So why should the business community prefer to trade with someone within BBX.   Firstly, they have their own currency the £BBX with its own bank account.  So, from their sales they will now spend it in the community.  Secondly, they have interest free credit for purchases to encourage trade.  In fact, many focus on purchasing and growing their business and they then pay for those purchases by providing their services.  So, if they have a 90% margin on their spare capacity, they now pay for their purchases with their services paying effectively 10p in the pound.  Imagine a business that every time it bought it could pay with its services. Saving cash and enjoying huge discounts.

Now do you see how BBX is so popular and helping businesses substantially grow?  There are many other benefits.

5.So what does a business pay to join and have all these advantages?
There is a one-off joining fee with five entry levels. In all cases BBX guarantees them sales and an interest free credit line, both more than their joining fee.  Yes really.  Think you could sell that?

Then when they sell there is a sales commission fee only payable afterwards.  This is how BBX itself is makes it’s living.

6.So how does a Salesperson earn?

There are three income streams.

  1. On the joining fee which ranges from £347 to £4,497 There is 20% of the first £200 and 50% of the balance. This is great as customers pay this immediately. So, £113 to £2,183 instantly per new customer.
  2. There is a residual every time a customer you brought in makes a sale. This goes on for as long as they and you are with BBX. The wise focus on building up their portfolio of customers thereby increasing their passive income level.
  3. 50% of any upgraded accounts.

7.So how easy is it to sell?
Most companies have spare capacity and can take immediate advantage.  One-man bands to £5million turnover are immediate prospects.  That is about 75% of the businesses in the UK.  It is an overwhelming offer and you will not come across competition.  BBX will also advise you of what is in demand.  This means you can approach companies that supply those products knowing you can give them immediate orders.

You should target 20+ appointments in the first month following the training course.   Yes, appointments are that easy to acquire.  From this you should convert at least three middle level sales or above.  This will give you £1,320-month absolute minimum.  The average person earns £1,000+ more than that.  From month two onwards you will be more experienced and effective and the residual from customers brought in will start to build. So, your monthly income average will rise rapidly.  You will have your own financial goals and £100,000 year one and £200,000 year two is realistically achievable.

8.Tell me about the Training
There is a 3-day training course on joining.  It is residential. All paid for by BBX, all food, beer and wine, meals in or out all paid for. You pay just to get to the venue which is usually in Essex.  The objective is to accelerate your career by immersing you in BBX thoroughly. It is a concept and therefore takes more clear communication than many products or services.

I have personally attended and completed the training so I could experience it first-hand.  As well as an experienced sales trainer and author in my own right I am also a qualified teacher.

I arrived on Monday afternoon at the gated mansion in the Essex countryside.  Impressive. I later learned we had it exclusively for our use for the duration.  I took a tour. More than 4-star luxury for sure.

Our group of five started the training and naturally there were questions about the venue.  The company trainer had in fact gone on Airbnb. Approached the owners about his immediate need and joining BBX.  They joined and had an immediate deal all paid in £BBX.  As BBXers they will now have their business promoted amongst the 7,000+ strong community just in the UK.

We started the training at 3pm covering the basics.  Later that evening we went out to dinner in a local restaurant.  Meal all paid for by BBX.  We noticed that we were the only customers in there.  So, our trainer talked to the owner about our business community.  Obviously, they would want to join and have some of their tables occupied.  It was that easy.  Someone in the group had the correct thought that you could just go out and eat in non-full up restaurants and sign up the owners.  Absolutely.

We learnt all about the BBX offer and how to calculate spare capacity.  Lead generation is easy, mainly done on social media and networking

9. A different way to think about Purchasing
Another big opportunity for BBXers is to accelerate their purchasing. The reason is because they need not pay in cash. They can pay using interest free £BBX credit (eventually) by providing services.  No cash to raise, no interest charges, no VAT to pay as you have just built up £BBX VAT credits.  So, you can now sell and contra this.  Let BBX fund the growth of your business and pay for it with your services at full price.

Many extra things a customer can do with BBX.
Raise venture capital funding much easier taking advantage of government incentives such as SEIS.
Buy or sell a house and raise a mortgage.
Rent out their villa or rent one anywhere in the world.
Use the BBX network to gain both £BBX and £Sterling customers.
Stop discounting.
Sell their business for a greater sum.
Expand into overseas markets and have customers before launch.
Buy before they sell instead of selling before they buy.
Enjoy discounts in major stores like Marks and Spencer’s and Sainsburys.


What now?

Want to take it further?

We are looking for experienced sales and business professionals based across the UK.

You can also look at  and

But most importantly send me your CV with application.

Alex McMillan  07525-916574

Below you can watch a short video tour of the training venue and one one explaining how BBX works.

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