How to double your business in the next 12 months, without major investment.

Achieved by preparing for 100 remote sales people, then recruiting and supporting them.

Action Plan for Success:
Despite the formidable opportunity, most companies fail with a Results before Reward (including commission only) remote self-employed sales team.  Usually because they cannot recruit suitable people and they give up.  Those who do manage to recruit leave them alone to deliver and not pay out any time or money on training, marketing, leads until receipts are in.  The remote sales team will save you a fortune of fixed costs and risk but there is still work and money to be paid up front to make it all happen.  By experience, and by modelling the companies that have achieved success we have devised a winning formula.  Follow the formula, it works, and you can scale the business fast.

We entirely focus on large scale ‘Results before Reward’ self-employed remote sales team recruitment.  We have learnt from much experience and because we focus on it, we have become very good.   There are eight key components to success that must be in place. Each aspect is like a link in a chain, the system is as strong as the weakest link.

We refer to these essential and connected links through the acronym M.A.R.A.T.H.O.N.

Marketing, Administration, Recruitment, Authority, Training, Happening, Optimise, Nationwide.

You need to have a lead generation system or processes in place. Do not leave your new remote sales associates to think about where to get leads from, it won’t happen.  You also need online content and social media presence for prospects to find out about your company, products and people.  There needs to be scripts and processes that have been shown to be most effective. You can also have demonstration software, webinars, videos and other sales support materials all ready.  In short, a clear sales and marketing system for them to follow.

Sales people are not typically very good at administrative duties. This is because sales is about moving fast which tends to mean cutting corners and closing deals, ignoring the details, delivery and follow up.  So, the most productive sales teams always have an excellent administrative set up behind them.  Unsung heroes.  The administration department needs to support remote sales associates in every way. To pre-empt any queries or issues before they arise and already have the solution.  To make sure no sale or repeat customer is ever lost because of lack of efficiency on delivery or after-sales service.  To make sure no sales person ever must chase things up internally. You also need to design and administer an incentivising remuneration and reward commission scheme.

Now you are ready to recruit.  You need to focus on the three categories of sales associates that are seeking an opportunity such as this, as their top goal.  Recruiting self-employed remote sales people takes far more than just placing adverts.  They need more locating, profiling, filtering, selling and more setting up. You also need to be choosy who you take on which is one of the reasons why we only recruit through events with rigorous testing in 4-star hotels.   We do all of that through our marketing, production of job descriptions and other material and filtering process through our recruitment events.  Think of a recruit as not one who has signed the contract, but one who has done that AND made their first deal, however small.  Then they are on board and committed.

The new people will want to be their own boss, independent and free to work as they wish.  Therefore, establishing your leadership and authority can be more challenging and far more important.  They must respect your authority, follow your lead, feel inspired by you and buy in to the mission, the cause and the belief that they can achieve all their goals through your opportunity.  This is more hands on.  You need to communicate with them in many ways and regularly until they have made their first crucial deal.  You need a Sales Director who understands how to lead, manage and motivate commission incentivised sales professionals.

Training and development of remotes is different to salaried office-based sales staff.  You need to be more in touch to be sensitive to needs, lack of using good technique, motivation drops etc. These things need to be spotted and addressed immediately. So just leaving remotes to get on just does not work.  Support materials in terms of text, audio and videos should fill up your intranet.  As there is no basic you need to work very closely with them to make sure they close their first deal fast.  You also need to facilitate groups of remotes meeting and working together occasionally as well as attending live trainings. You must include motivational rewards such as major sales training events such as Grant Cardone’s 10X conferences in Miami.

You now need to monitor performance.  Is it all happening as it should?  Are you recruiting the right profile? Are new people getting to productivity fast enough? Is communication between remotes and centre as good as it could be?

What actions do you now need to make considering feedback?  It will never be perfect first time so things can always be improved until it starts really happening.

The more results start coming in, the easier in many ways it is to scale. Growth in numbers, sales, transactions and all the communications though will mean that things that worked are now under strain and need to be reviewed.  Managing and supporting 100 people is a lot different to managing ten as it is to manage one.  You need to scale up your processes, marketing, training and development.

Initially you will have focused on one team in one area.  As Einstein once said, ‘Go as fast as possible but no faster.’  You will work through to the optimise stage and then repeat the process.  As soon as you are happy with the system you want to really grow. So, you need to spread your wings look wider afield and go nationwide. If it works in one area of your country it will work in others. So, scale fast and build teams, cash, knowledge and experience.  Then go international.

You can do it yourself or employ us to set up organise manage and execute all the above.   Call me Alex McMillan 07525916574

salespeople recruitment in Glasgow

salespeople recruitments in Glasgow