100 Profitable Sales Associates (100S)

100S is our key product offering.

It doubles the size of your business within 12 months.

We source 100 remote self-employed profitable sales associates.  We design a Results before Reward (RbR) system specific for your company.  No office, basic salary or equipment costs to fund. Just increased sales and profits. We then can add lead generation to the package making sure they have plenty of leads to close.

What exactly do we do?
We have a proven recruitment and development process in place that works because we have focused in the past on getting it right.  There is an effective filtering and then setting up for success process.  We advertise and market with multiple advertisements in various media and at various times. We also approach people through our own databases.  We then send applicants to a job description page, then into our unique recruitment funnel.

We look for leaders of already successful companies wanting to get to the next level fast, with minimum risk and capital.  They are big thinkers an 100S fits their plans.

We have identified eight aspects that make our formula successful.  Marketing/lead generation, administration support, recruitment, leadership, training and development, action and motivation, organisation and communication and ability to go nationwide and international.

We recruit with a funnel filtering system a process which works.  We filter people from advertisements, social media, our own database and invite those suitable to an Interview Process Day in a 4-star hotel (sometnmes done online).  We present the opportunity and test applicants in various ways, interview them, identity check, attitude, goal and skills check etc.  We even prepare the winners for action.  We do it all.

Traditional recruiters would typically charge a 20% recruitment fee, working on a salary of say £40,000 that would mean an £8,000 fee. Plus, there would be a premium for Commission Only and Remote (if they would do it at all) which could be another 10% fee meaning per person you would have to expect in the region of a £12,000 recruitment fees per person, just for an introduction, interview and offer. That doesn’t include all of the additional work we will be doing, plus the guarantees we offer, replacing anyone who does not work out.

For this we can charge, because of being selective with clients, economies of scale, a proven system and a bulk order we charge just £4,750 + VAT per person, one payment upfront to fund the set-up, hotel, presenter, system design, recruitment planning, meetings, materials, copywriter.  Then for the first 10 we invoice £4,750 on 30-day terms. We cannot discount this because it creates a conflict of interest with other clients.  After 10 we review together and will look at a profit share basis on results only.

We enable you to mainly finance your future growth from that future growth by enabling and rewarding partners who are working in the business.  Makes a much stronger enterprise. Everyone is very committed to success and more aligned to work as a team.

Is the 100S product right to for you?
You need to be
1. Ambitious and committed to double your business in 12 months.
2. You need a product that is suitable to be sold by remote RbR sales associates.

Products vary. What is important is that remote sales associates are not going to be left alone to source leads. Unless the product is so universal that virtually everyone is a prospect. Even then they should be fed warm target markets, enquiries and a CRM system with contact details on.
Usually this means online sales funnels, lead magnet pages and paid advertising support.

Whatever you do you need to have considerable social media and other online resources. Sales people need to work the prospect through these.  It will also mean you can control what is being said.

Do you qualify?

  1. Are you fully committed and passionate about this goal?
  2. Have you, or are you planning to set-up suitable marketing and lead generation to support the remote sales team?
  3. Have you a Sales Director in place experienced with a Results before Reward or remote sales team?
  4. Have you training and development ready for the new sales team?
  5. Have you or can you develop an efficient communication and administrative support system?
  6. Is the average timing of cash receipts from your products or services reasonable?

In short do you have Leadership, Management and Motivation all ready, or can be made ready?


  1. We invoice £4,750 + VAT for each placement, one up front. We guarantee each person until their first deal.
  2. After the first 10 placements, when we both know each other, we offer to work on profit share only.
  3. If you need help with the key support infrastructure, we can offer help with extra services. These are additional costs. For example, sales funnels, lead generation, sales training, sales coaching, remuneration schemes, contracts.


  1. Will you work on a profit share from the start?
    No, we need funding for upfront work to set it up for success. We need your full commitment.

    2. What sort of candidates do we recruit?
    There are six categories of people that we target for RbR opportunities.
    a) Digital Nomads. People who want to be free to travel and work where and when they wish.
    b) Experienced sales professionals looking for very high income.
    c)People who want their own business but do not want to invest capital nor have an idea for a start-up.
    d)Experienced business executives wanting to use their experience and contacts in their own independent business.
    e)Full time employees who want to build a business on the side, until income is strong enough to resign from the day job.
    f) Couples, partners who wish to run a business using their complimentary skills.

    3. What if the first event does not attract anyone suitable?
    Extremely unlikely but our responsibility and cost to put it right.

    4. Who are the remote sales associates contracted to?
    Your company with a self-employed contract for services. We can advise on this.

Interested? Call or email Alex McMillan (44) 07525-916574 alex@successmoves.co.uk

100 Profitable Sales Associates (100S)

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