If you have read Grant Cardone’s great book and want to 10X your income, we can massively help. The 10X goal firstly takes a major mindset change.  We are programmed to be reasonable and realistic. Our unconscious mind is full of programmes protecting us from risk and holding us back.  So first you have to change your beliefs on what is possible.

In Success Moves we have placed over 1,000 people as trainees who went on to earn over £100,000 in sales. Most under 22 years of age.  When we talk about six figure incomes to older more experienced sales people they challenge the validity of our claim.  They accuse us of exaggerating. This incredibly has led to us underestimating the potential income in adverts. We tell them realistically £60 70k per year.  When we place them, they mix with people younger than them taking home over £20k per month. Then and only then do their beliefs change. They have a new reality.

Now when a sales person has this belief change. The rest of their thinking changes. They ask themselves better questions. They study the top earners for clues.  They are very particular who they call. They go for bigger potential sales.  They look for better ways to close more deals. They start listening to people like Grant Cardone every morning for half an hour.  They look at their sales results and contracts differently.  I remember someone who earnt £150,000 in the previous year. But when he worked it out as a percentage of net profit margin it worked out at 7.5%.  Renegotiate that one or move!

They develop a sense of urgency. They stop procrastinating. They do not have negative effects from rejection because they are already on the next call. They now ignore totally naysayers and choose to only mix with the very successful or those on their way.  They start looking online at their dream house, car, villa in the sun. Even go for visits.  They write what they are about to achieve in the past tense.
They adopt.  Selling is not the same mechanised system for every situation.  They listen more. They rapport more and build their reputation and referrals. They think long as well as short term.
They read books on who made it fast.
They become a different person. They give up smoking, drinking, watching tv, following sports teams and wasting time socially.

Now to 10X your income you have to be working a formula that offers that. We all know that to make real money you need your own business. But you do not have a creative idea, lack capital and realise most new businesses fail.  Hence the exploding trend of digital nomads selling the products of established businesses with none of the downside. A much higher profit share.  Much lower risk. We call them Success Movers, Self-employed Sales Associates.

We take it a step further. Guaranteed high-and-residual-income potential with building a capital asset that can be sold. Free training and coaching. No investment, no stock holding. We also teach sales, social media marketing and networking to help you build your client portfolio.

We are placing quality ambitious people in better contracts every day. Ask about our current opportunities.

Ring me to discuss your personal ambitions and how we could help, David Guy Sales Director (44) (0)7870-180081  alex@successmoves.co.uk