Mind the GAP Goals, Attitude and Personality

When recruiting salespeople
When recruiting salespeople if you focus on Goals, Attitude and Personality you will do much better.  Everything else is secondary.

Knowledge of industry, years of sales experience, past results.  Many times, I have recruited for client’s trainee salespeople who have outperformed experienced salespeople in a company.  The reason is they have the hunger through clear determined goals and are going to do whatever it takes to be a great success. They also have a warm friendly way about them backed by energy and enthusiasm.

All sales skills can be trained and therefore in your control to address.  If Goals Attitude or Personality are wrong, they are unlikely to change, no matter how much training and coaching you provide.

So, remember Mind the G.A.P.

Now, the question is how to.

Ask them what they are to start.  Most have wishy washy vague answers.  They often pause to think about what they are.  Something that takes thought to come to mind is hardly compelling. You want people who are obsessed about achieving something.

Now on interview ALL candidates will tell you what they think you want to hear.  When you ask them a question, they immediately ask themselves? ‘What is the answer he is wanting to hear’.  That is why there is a pause before they answer.  This is why in Success Moves we do not rely on interviews to assess the G.A.P nor the sales skills.  But if you do rely on interviews get really good at it by not missing a word and spotting all the analogues of tone and body language.  You need to find the real person.  The one that will behave as they speak when the pressure is on day after day.

Those with a good one will tell you that they will be first in and last out.  They will ask more questions about potential earnings than potential basic, office hours and paid holiday.  They want to start immediately and will be determined to negotiate with their current employer to let them go early.  They are decisive and tell you clearly that if offered they will take the job.  If you say you want to think about or even reject them, they will fight back and re pitch you.

Everyone prefers to buy from people that they like, trust, get along with, find interesting and are upbeat, positive and a pleasant experience to deal with.  In short, a great personality will greatly reduce the need for sales skills as prospects will be buying anyway.

Personality cannot be trained or acquired.  It has to be there from the start. Various ways to test this. Simple questions like. Tell me something adventurous you have done?  Soon find out.

Again, we run Interview Process Days and you can watch and observe the real goals, attitude and personality of each applicant. How they actually communicate with others.  We can run these for you, or you can download our free eBook and do it for yourself.

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