You want a new sales team.  Well before you start I would like to share with you our research from literally thousands of companies.  We look specifically for the top 10% of companies who grew fastest by attracting profitable sales people.

Here is a list of what the top 10% fastest growth companies do differently.

  • They define before recruiting who exactly would fit in. (None of this we want money hungry self-motivated dynamic individuals stuff).
  • They focus on increasing profits not recruiting sales people, not even increasing sales.
  • They have at least 3 status levels for sales people.
  • They recruit more to mindset and attitude than sales skills.
  • They recruit more to company culture fit than sales skills.
  • They mass process, automate and delegate recruitment on a proven formula to save time, money and risk.
  • They have automated more than live training processes in place.
  • They limit time of senior staff, managers on new people.
  • They pay little attention to CVs and interviews as recruitment tools.
  • They do not sell their opportunities focused on attractiveness of Basic or Commission levels.

This is not a theory or our opinion, it is the behaviour of companies that achieve the most recruiting and retaining profitable sales people.

For a team we recruit by inviting all applicants to one assessment centre in a 4 star hotel, called an Interview Process Day.  Provides you with better quality profitable sales people fast at less cost.  Full details and prices scroll down home page.  In the first instance contact me Alex McMillan 07525-916574

Interview Process Days – Securing productive sales people.

Trainee/Juniors Comms Only Senior/Manager
Invoice on start date 20% of basic per person £5,750 per person 20% of basic
Deposit required £2,000 + VAT £2,000 + VAT £2,000 + VAT
Replacement Guarantee Period* 3 Months 3 Months Re-run of event if not satisfied.
Average at event 10-30 6 6
Processing Time Full Day Full Day Full Day
Role Play Assessments Personal Presentation

Group Presentation

Sales Presentation


Personal Presentation

Sales Presentation

Closing role play


Personal Presentation

Leadership Role Play

Sales Presentation


Basic Sales Training Yes Yes No
Role plays with client materials Yes Yes Yes
All inclusive:
Event Venue  4 Star Hotel 4 Star Hotel 4 Star Hotel
Job Description Yes Yes Yes
Identity Verified Yes Yes Yes
Signed Disclaimer Yes Yes Yes
CV+ References Provided Yes Yes Yes
Company Presentation Yes Yes Yes
Full Interviewing Process Yes Yes Yes
Eliminations by SM Yes Yes Yes
Invoice on start date. 20% less deposit per person £5,750 less deposit per person Balance after 30 days of event.

We can help giving you a 12 month replacement guarantee on all placements.  We have found, it is best to run an event in a quality venue to attract, present and test applicants.  For most we offer this service on a no deposit basis.  We fund the hotel, marketing, advertising, promotion, presenting even write job descriptions  Call Alex on (+44) 07525-916574

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* How do you know you will replace for 12 Months after start date?

Firstly our recruiters commission is spread over the twelve months.
Secondly because it is in our interest as it locks you in as a customer.
Thirdly it blocks out competitors getting your business.
Fourthly it produces repeats, referrals and recommendations for us.
Fifthly the brand is enhanced with this unique selling point.

What if the second person does not work out?

We replace until you have had 12 months service per contract.