Social Media and Funnels have Replaced Cold Calling

Cold calling and traditional advertising have both all but died.  This presents a great opportunity as most companies are still doing it the old way despite it being less effective and increasingly expensive.  The challenge is that is the way they have done it for years; it is what they know.  The new world of marketing is complex and confusing.  Most of us open a Linkedin account build up connections and pitch them, post feeds, join groups and still wonder why nothing is happening for all this effort. We all now struggle not so much with selling but in generating leads for salespeople to work their magic on.

Human psychology has not in itself changed.  It is just that the online world has presented a very different way to manage it.

Why has Cold Calling died?

  1. Cold Calling is about working through a list until you hit lucky. Often telemarketers will have a name at most, often not even that.  So, when they call and actually get through to a decision maker, they know nothing or very little about them or their company.  That was once acceptable but with websites and personal profiles on Linkedin, You Tube channels. Recipients of calls now expect the telemarketer to be well informed.
  2. Call blocking

We all now have smart phones that tell us who is calling even if they are not in our address book.  We can automatically at no cost block any calls.  Most of us certainly block private numbers.

  1. GDPR Need I say more.
  2. Online marketing has enabled easy and free information on prospects. So why not research first and then make warm calls to people. Better still connect with them first.  People can view your profile and know something about you.  This makes you no longer a stranger, like in a cold call situation.
  3. Consumers are now used to being targeted with adverts that are of use to them. They are also used to receiving a load of free stuff, with no pressure to buy.

What has replaced Cold Calling?

The short answer is attraction marketing using automated funnels and very accurate niche targeting.

So, where do I start?

It depends quite a bit on your product, service and market.  Yet there are some universals. Basically, the objective is to target relevant prospects, then warm them up by leading them through a funnel.  As this can be niche targeted and then automated is it very cost efficient. Then that funnel does a lot of the work for you.  Secondly you need to produce as much content as you can and publish it all over your websites, social media, anywhere.  The idea is that prospects get caught in the net and it does all the work for you.  You may also give a freebie eBook, video, course, white paper in return for an email list. This way you are building a long-term database.  You can then set up email text or other scheduled automated communication that are tailored to them.

You need to use free valuable giveaways, database building interactive chat, webinars in controlled processes through a funnel system.

It will take you a long time to get up to speed.  Far better than you employ someone in the know to get you started. So, call me and tell me about your products, who you want to reach and most importantly what is the top sales level you can service.

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Social Media and Funnels have Replaced Cold Calling

Social Media Funnels have replaced cold calling