Saving costs by using automated funnels.

The first saving is a simple one. You will just not need the same number of sales and customer service people.  After all you recruit them for high skills and then train them on your products backed by sales and service manuals.  You maybe teach them how to close customers and talk through your online demo or PowerPoint presentation.  You may even teach them advanced communication skills such as NLP looking to build an elite highly productive team.

In the Internet world if anything is repetitive you really should get it automated.  There are limits but you can produce videos and PowerPoint with your top speaker taking the watcher through it personally.  Even interactive chat. Let us be honest most question or objections anyone raises are totally predictable and limited.  Produce the material once and use it again and again all for free.

This can mean you eliminate the need for staff totally. More usually it cuts down the number and either increases or decreases the quality of recruit you need.  Let me explain.

The funnel can take those that are caught in your web through a gentle value ladder.  Educating and convincing them of all of your benefits.  Even with blogs, videos and webinars the customer can also feel they know, like and trust you.  As soon though that you start asking for lots of input, they are likely to surf off somewhere else.  So, at some point you need a phone/skype contact which asks them all about their needs.  Now this should be on a templated form and always should be designed to get the prospects to do most of the talking.  So, by definition you only need low level staff to do this.

The alternative, which depends on your industry is that the funnel has taken away all the boring, time consuming work such as cold calling and going through basic information repeatedly. Now you can be delivered regular serious prospects who knows the basics of what you offer already and wants to talk about a serious deal.  You now need senior salespeople that can close deals, perhaps visit.

It all depends on your market, price level.  Call David Guy Sales Director 07870-180081.

automated funnels for saving costs

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