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How to Get a Regular Flow of Hot Investors (Not Leads) WITHOUT expensive Lead List Purchase, Advertising, SEO or an Opener team.

The system works, is lower cost, more reliable, is automated and produces higher quality prospects, whilst increasing your profit margin. All comes with a guarantee.

From: Alex McMillan who has been training, recruiting and helping every type of investment broker since 2003.

You know that buying investor leads is costly, and also with your competition.  You then struggle with recruiting an ‘Opener’ team knowing only one in five are likely to succeed.   GDPR has made this plan more challenging. So, you decide to advertise directly.  This is for cold prospects.  You then look at SEO with limited success.

That is most brokers experience.  Profits are minimal and you are vulnerable to a bad month, or major deal backing out.

This is the problem you face:  The old once proven ways no longer work effectively, and you have not been offered a viable good alternative.   GDPR, distrust of cold callers, telephone technology blocking unknown calls, move to more online and social media usage.  People and especially investors will now only deal with a company they know and trust.

The next move is advertising to bring in warmer leads than just buying a leads list.  Problem is one off hit adverts still only produce cold contacts and it is very expensive.  Works but with limited return.  They do not warm up and nurture  the prospects.

You then think about SEO, not realising that professional marketers see S.E.O. as yesterday’s news.  They pay to get traffic, usually to a let us be honest, boring site, then fail to capture and have no idea how to nurture that traffic.  Website SEO is worth ding but do not depend on it.

You know that this is the age of social media and utilising a whole load of sophisticated online solutions.  But it is too complicated.

Not understanding how online marketing really works for investment brokers means that you will continue to pay far too much without results.

This in turn means your margins are lower than they should be, and your overall sales are lower than potential, and you are not growing to be the much bigger business you aspire to run.

The Internet generally has produced customers that are wary of rogues behind every offer.  You have to win trust and credibility.

Luckily there is a solution.  Let me tell you about the “Deal Generation System” designed specifically for investment brokers. 

All the online scams, trolls, viruses, hacks etc  has produced nervous customers that want to “know, like and trust you” like never before.  Internet companies give away valuable material for free. How many of us have used a free Google search, free trial prior to subscription etc.  People are used to that now and it develops trust.  Today you have to build traffic and then get them to know like and trust you BEFORE you make a sales pitch.   In yesteryear companies went to great lengths to protect their trade secrets, intellectual property and now companies often give it away and invite you to do it yourself.

Today you have to ‘pull’ investors towards you, rather than ‘push’ them into sales. Don’t sell let them buy.  The great news is this can all be automated.  No need for expensive openers and as investors approach you GDPR is adhered to fully. The solution firstly stops you thinking about ‘Lead Generation’. This is outdated thinking.   Leads are just a name and a number of a qualified prospect many others also have.  Urgg.  I am talking about people that are qualified, unique to you, and already ‘know like and trust’ and come in as serious investors looking to make deals now.  They come in opened.

What you do that works is give them a free valuable eBook, but this book is not a sales pitch, it gives them information that is valuable to them.  It can be on investment generally rather than your specific product line.  Tell them tips that will save or make them money, avoid risk, increase reward.  It has to be very special, very well written. Short, sharp to the point and practical.  The result is that they benefit from it and associate that benefit to you and see you as credible.  You then control their movements through Chat and Funnel sequences.  Even investors that are not liquid now, will be in the future.  You keep in touch, all automated.


In our Deal Generation System, you will benefit by:

  • Learn why you must offer a free eBook which means that they find you credible, the leading expert and want to know you better.
  • Engage each qualified prospect in a Chat and Funnel meaning you can filter and warm them up, all automated.
  • Skilled copywriters knowledgeable on advanced language patterns and NLP and investment broking to write your eBook and other copy.
  • Much higher conversions, sales and margin and lower costs and risk.
  • Capture, nurture and retargeting of website visitors.
  • Constant analysis to improve your Deal Generation system for more deals and loads.
  • Transform your sourcing investors from Lead to Deal Generation meaning you will have a much much higher conversion rate and need less staff.
  • Minimising advertising cost by exact profiling for free and short adverts which means that you can keep your long copy for the free landing page.


I, Alex McMillan have been a sales trainer and recruiter for investment brokers since 2003.  I have listened to recorded calls and coached brokers to six figure incomes by closing and loading more deals for larger amounts.  I am a certified Trainer of NLP and especially applied it to sales and the broking environment. I have 7 published business books on Amazon which means that I know how to write copy that spurs action.  I have also spent considerable time and money mastering online marketing.  I went on all the courses, read all the books, watched all the YouTube videos. But most importantly ‘hacked’ what was working.  I now have a team of digital experts.  I did all of this because I realised traditional sales and marketing has been turned on its head by the Internet Age.  My traditional business was increasingly struggling.  Changes had to be made.  All businesses know that the online and social media world has taken over marketing, but few realise what has happened and even fewer know what to do about it.

I know exactly what to do about it!

I first tested the Deal Generation system on Success Moves.  It worked. In fact, my best clients today came in from this system.  They all started by downloading and reading one of my eBooks.  They often came on board before they had automated follow ups.  I then changed all my advertising to eBooks and funnels and chats.  I built a community.  Prospects came in already hot, serious about buying, knowing, liking and trusting us.


Here is what you will receive with our “Deal Generation System” and how much it will cost.

  • We start with a review of your sales and marketing goals and what you are doing now. (Free consultation, no commitment at this point.)
  • From this we design a plan, which usually starts with writing an eBook and then sequences of Chats and Funnels all automated.
  • We then place adverts and send them to the first landing page to download the eBook.
  • We send them to your interactive chat where we collect information, including their contact details, and they can download their eBook and go to your landing page.
  • We deliver you a daily email of prospects filtered leads with key information on them. How much they have to invest, previous investment, goals.
  • We constantly analyse results so as to improve them.
  • It takes one month from start to receiving first Hot Prospects for Deals.
  • A typical package would depend on what investment level you require, and what you are currently paying for leads and then and ‘opener’ to  warm them up brochures out.  We sell packages by number of opened prospects in 50, 100, 200 lots.  This means you have security of supply.  This will also cover advertising costs.  Typical package  would be 50 opened prospects  for £90 each, or 100 for £80  There is also a  lower price offered after 250   £70 and 500.  £60.


To start you off we are offering a free consultation worth £1,000.  This is a sales and marketing audit which will review where you are now and what you can do to improve. This report by nature could have many different suggestions as to have you save and make money.

All Deal Generation customers are offered a £500 credit against any future recruitment assignments.


You have a guaranteed return on investment.

We will keep working until you have the hot leads that you paid for.  We will continually review and upgraded the eBook, Funnels Chats and advertising content.  If prospects are not being closed for deals we will help with that as well.  All Deal Generation customers enjoy special rates on recruitment services.


Decide now and book your free consultation. 

The consultation will give you clear advice on your strong or weak points and opportunities missed.  What to do to make things better. Even more if you want to DIY, we will advise you on what you need to do, software to use etc.  All free no commitment.  You can upscale this to us just advising. Or pass the whole project and responsibility for delivering results to us.


Remember it takes just a month to get this going. Do not delay. 

Although we can start you off with an interactive chat system which is quick to set up.  This will get you deal and cash flow fast.  You can probably fund it by cutting unproductive spend. When we carry out your sales and marketing audit will be looking to identify opportunities.  Remember we guarantee return on investment.  You won’t get that from a lead list company or advertiser or an ‘Opener’ for that matter.  It will transform your business.

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