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How Thousands Are Turning Messenger Into a Major Profit Centre By Leveraging This Simple Tool.

Why Messenger?    

How do we generate more sales, increase profitability, build a better customer relationship, and NOT have to continually invest more time into these areas? Without knowing it, every business on the planet is seeking the answer to this question every single day.

We are in the middle of the next MAJOR revolution. An era that will change the fabric of our society… the “Automation Revolution”. Never before was it possible to allow technology to automate so many of our day-to-day tasks.

Businesses automate tasks to make processes…

…and the same processes Fortune 500 companies use are becoming available to small businesses and start ups… giving everyone a major edge.

Our chat sequences can collect lots of different information like phone and email details, birthday information, even your prospects favourite colour, or your chat can act like a mini consultation! Awesome! When we collect this information we forward it immediately to you. For details like birthday info we can forward that to say your email service which can then add it to a list which automatically sends out a birthday wish or maybe a voucher, thus giving that personalised touch to your members.

As far as GDPR, obviously Messenger and ChatPal are compliant – I know there’s a message that must be in place to show what they are opting into. So we just need to be clear on that when collecting that info from the users. Also the information that Facebook uses is publically available on the users profile.

We can also personalise our messages with your member’s first name if it is available in Facebook.

On the surface, when you look at Messenger, it seems overwhelming and most people have the same questions about getting started:

– What is the best bot for my niche?

– How do I get people into my bot?

– Why would I use a bot instead of a landing page?

– What can the bot actually do?

You need to know HOW you can get someone into a bot. You’ll see, this is the CRUCIAL starting point because until you know this… the rest doesn’t matter.

**Please Note: If anyone enters through one of these “Entry Points” they will be considered a “subscriber” and are eligible for follow up messages and high profit ad follow ups.

Commission only recruitment, self employed sales, sales agents, remote sales recruitment, salespeople recruitment

Here are a few ways to get people into a chat sequence.

  1. M.ME Link – This is exactly as it sounds. A link that you can use to send someone directly into the Messenger platform and with the use of a “ref=“you can actually send a unique message through unique links. ChatPal makes it really easy to make links that will send unique bot experiences. I would consider this the “best” entry point for any business that is online. It directs a user into Messenger immediately upon clicking.

Now, links are one of the best ways to get someone engaging with you in a full Messenger conversation. It will take someone from an email, Instagram, website, you name it… and push them straight into Messenger where they can engage with you.

  1. Scan Code – Think of this as a Physical version of an link. It’s basically EXACTLY the same thing… but with one big difference. You wouldn’t put a scan code on a website right? When someone scans a Messenger Scan code they are directed into your bot and will be shown a “Get Started” button… as mentioned before.

You can run loyalty programs though this… give out the Wi-Fi password… put a sticker on your signage that triggers it… there are a LOT of ways to use these for positive results. We’ve seen people get incredible results from using Scan Codes on business cards, fliers, television commercials, and other “non browsing” engagement opportunities.

  1. Click to Messenger Ad – A Click to Messenger ad is an ad that you can setup in Facebook that makes it VERY easy for you to get people into Messenger and turning them into Subscribers that you can follow up with… sell more products to… and continue to indoctrinate

It’s under the “consideration” objective in Facebook ads, which means it’s OBVIOUSLY different than running a conversion ad. Facebook does offer a conversion ad that runs through Messenger… but for the point of covering Entry Points we’ll focus on this Click To Messenger style ad as I’ve personally seen better results here.

  1. Comment Trigger – Keyword Engagement – Remember that time that I said ALL entry points will have a “Get Started” button the first time a user engages with it? And then right after I said I would contradict myself… this is that time. A Comment Trigger is a VERY unique and interesting way to get people into Messenger. The way we use Comment Triggers is to set up a “Comment Trigger” in ChatPal, and that will make it so that anyone who comments on a particular post will get a private message from your fan page. SUPER important to note… that action does NOT make them a subscriber, but it DOES open a one way conversation. The method to make that person a subscriber is to make your message ask a question, and to tell them what to say. You’ll then have a keyword engagement looking for that phrase.

Someone comments on your post, gets a message from your page (using a comment trigger) that says “Thanks for your comment, now type “contest” to enter. The user then comments “Contest” and you have an engagement set up looking for the word “contest”… Boom… now they are a subscriber.

Another example is to increase your membership with a competition. Make a “Click to Messenger” ad that goes to all of your gym members that says “We are giving someone 6 Months Free Membership! Click and head into Messenger for all of the details”. Your members see this, click, and are taking into Messenger. After engaging and starting your “bot” sequence you will have a video that goes like this: “We are giving away 6 months free to one of our members, AND 1 free month to someone who joins us in the next 30 days. Click the link below to sign up if you’re seeing this and are a new member!”

  1. Retargeting ad – This is one of the most effective ways to get traffic back to your business. You are already spending money to get people to your website, whether it’s with PPC ads, radio, TV, magazine, posters or spending time or money on social media marketing. Either way, what happens when they have visited your website and leave without interacting with your site? Easy, you’ve lost the money that it just cost you to get your potential prospects to your website! Retargeting those visitors who have left your website without interacting with it when they return to Facebook with an ad can bring back as much as 50% of your traffic. A retargeting ad to a messenger campaign will bring those visitors back to your site. A Facebook pixel on each site enables this to happen, also ad spend can be lower with a Messenger ad.
  1. Once someone engages with your bot they can be used as a look-alike audience as well. Facebook will do all of the work for you when it looks to build your audience.
  1. Text Messages – This one is pretty obvious. I mean… this is the one we ALL use all the time. Most bots will allow you to add personalization in these… so that’s a bonus. Emoji’s are also a BIG piece of Messenger thus making your bots as “visual” as you can. You can have a share button and a link where they can sign up. This is a very basic example but can increase your traffic passively.

What we can include in a chat sequence;

Card – A card is mainly used for promoting a website and has some cool features to it. A card is made up of 4 main elements: Image – headline – description – URL the URL IS optional in most cases in case you are using a card or carousel to do more “story telling” than external linking.

Carousel – This is just a series of “cards” basically. They are attached to one another and scrollable. This is to give the display a bit of a hierarchy. If you are looking to showcase multiple items or options for something… a carousel is a great way to do that. You can have up to 10 items in a carousel

Images – Using images in your chat makes the whole experience more visual for your prospects, thus increasing that trust factor!

Video – Yep! This is an AWESOME one… sending video through Messenger is the ULTIMATE way to make your bots more visual and personal. The one “catch” to uploading video is that Messenger will only accept ‑les up to 25MB. 720p is ideal.

I find video to be one of the best, most engaging, and unique things we send through Messenger. It plays natively in Messenger so I like using square videos or upright (1920×1080). This takes up the most screen size and looks great in Messenger. With video we can “say” a lot more without making the user read a lot of text. So 1 minute of video may be several hundred words… whereas if we typed it… that’s a bit overwhelming.

We use video clips as “teasers” for the real content we want them to go to. This is a GREAT WAY to get people to continue to engage with you over time. Send them short clips into messenger that allow them to get the gist of what you’re sending them to eventually. A great example would be YouTube, if you are trying to get more views to YouTube you COULD send a card. Cards are great, but not nearly as visual as a video that shows a cool highlight of the YouTube video they are about to see.

Audio – Is another awesome feature you can send through Messenger. The same 25MB size restriction is in place for audio… but since audio is typically a MUCH smaller size you can use a lot more audio if needed.

Typing Delays – These are crucial if you want your bot to feel less robotic. I think there is also a nice touch of “anticipation”. Think about when you see your friend typing to you… you start to WANT that message to come through.

Automated emails – We always use email to contact the person who has just been through your Messenger chat with a “Welcome Message” thanking them and reminding them that they will be contacted shortly by you. We also inform you as soon as you have a new lead.

User input – Yes we can ask questions that you would normally ask a prospect and they simply type their reply. This gives you warm leads that you just need to close!

Commission only recruitment, self employed sales, sales agents, remote sales recruitment, salespeople recruitment

It’s through these VERY automations that companies like Mercedes have increased their lead-test drive ration… chef’s like Jamie Oliver have sold thousands of books… small and large online stores are generating 900-1500% Return on Investment… and much more.‍

Using systems like Messenger, and the information I’ll share with you below, even a 1 man business can compete with giants thanks to true conversational automation which is one of the major keys to sales.

Conversion is the most important and often overlooked part of the sales process. Much more important than what product you are selling, how much it costs, or any of the normal metrics companies typically care about.


Because if you can talk to someone and get to know them you’ll discover how they might benefit from your product and be able to offer them a direct solution to THEIR problem using YOUR product.

The biggest problem with this idea to date is that you would have to have a team of people on the phone or at events non stop and that’s just not viable for a small company..

But now…

…with Messenger being used by nearly 2 Billion people, and our ability to fully automate the conversational process inside of it, small companies can finally scale the conversational process and generate more sales. With less effort and time involved to do so… WHILE providing a quality experience for their user which enhances the relationship for the long term.

In todays world we are becoming accustomed to instant results, and that is true of reaching businesses. If we have a question for a business we want to be able to get that answer INSTANTLY.

A recent Facebook study showed that 90% of consumer agree they will do business with the company that answers them first…

Exactly, 90%.

A few short years ago this wasn’t really possible… Messenger wasn’t as popular as it is now and wasn’t being used as actively to talk to a business… However that is all changing now as you can tell.

What’s the next step?

‍It’s time that you took advantage of this top growing marketing platform to increase your sales and revenue. Reach out to use today….

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