We have placed sales people for over a decade.  Sales professionals that they need certain support to make them productive.  So, with a new client we always make sure that they have the support services in place, or we can offer them through our sister business www.limitlessprospects.co.uk.

Quality high performing sales people always ask lots of questions. They need to be convinced that they can earn a significant income from the business opportunity.  This means a good management with a clear vision and leadership. It means good and efficient administrative sales support.

Above all they want marketing support and specifically lead generation. How this works and the best tools to use will vary depending on your industry, product and markets you are trying to penetrate.  So, the question you need to ask yourself is:

Do we have productive lead generation in place?

This will always include, social media, chatbots, online funnels and professional copywriting. Just adverts are just not enough. The great news is that if you do it right the lead generation system can be automated whilst pre-qualifying and warning up prospects.  You need to let sales people focus on closing deals and replace ‘openers’ with an automated system.

You need this all-in place before you start recruiting.

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Online Marketing is increasingly taking the labour intensive aspects of sales out and replacing them with automated processes that lead generate and even make sales pitches. close orders and take bookings.  Massive savings in labour costs, not to mention all the recruitment, management and motivation time and costs.  Even better, few of your competitors are aware of all the changes and still using old outdated methods. One day they will wake up and find themselves like Taxi drivers when Uber arrived!  Or bookshops when Amazon arrived.  Or traditional banks when Fintech arrived.  The only question is to you want to be where the future is or the past?

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