BBX is the world’s largest reciprocal trade network.  It is in essence a business club where members trade with each other as preferred suppliers using their own currency. Its key to success is focusing on spare capacity.  The ability of a company to take on more business without incurring more fixed costs.  The is spare capacity has a high margin and is being lost.  BBX actively supports members banking their spare capacity.  In fact they guarantee new customers to anyone who joins the network.  They even provide interest free credit, as they know they can supply you sales to cover it.  There are literally thousands of companies in the network so this means you will have no trouble finding new sales. In fact you will have an Account Manager who will find them for you.  They will also find you purchases at much better terms to your current suppliers. So not only increasing your sales increasing your profit margin on all of your sales.  Imagine now everything you bought your supplier had to return the favour and buy something from you.  Effectively this is what happens in the network which accelerates sales and also means you can pay for your purchases by supplying your services.  Most people, it takes a while to grasp and appreciate how it works. But work it really does.  Enjoy the video, which will take you through and explain BBX and how your company can benefit in logical steps.  Feel free to call me, Alex McMillan  on 07525-916574 and tell me all about what your company offers and while it is so special and I will see what I can do to get you some more sales.

how to increase your sales quickly

increase your sales quickly