BBXUK has helped many businesses owners achieve a generous credit limit instantly and introduced regular new customers to its members.
Like the multitude of businesses that were created from WW2, Coronavirus will produce many wealthy business owners. Many will go, Many will give up and expect the worst. Many will just sit and wait it out. True entrepreneurs see opportunity in every dark cloud. Massive change always means the well established are disrupted and new enterprise leaps to fill the vacuum.

You have to make the decision are you going to be with the losers or the winners that progress, prosper and build wealth.

For those with the determination to win and prosper, the BBX platform offers members some incredible benefits that are so good they legally guarantee results. It gives a security by being part of an exclusive community of over 5,000+ in the UK and 100,0000+ worldwide.

Can you offer your services by working from home?
Do you need cash flow for growth? (with no interest charge)
Would you like our Account Manager to regularly feed you with new customers? (Paid for only after you get paid)

If so ring me Alex McMillan on 07525-916574 I will take your details and come up with a bespoke offer to help you reach your goals.

  1. If you need more cash flow.
    BBX will offer you a significant credit limit to spend within the community of 5,000+ companies.  And it is interest free!  When you come to pay it back you do so by offering your services.  So, yes, whatever your margin is you are effectively receiving that as a discount on all your purchases.
    Will your current bank offer you the credit facility you need without security and for free?
    Will your current bank promote you to their other customers as a preferred supplier?
    This means you can grow your business now and not wait.  You will additionally get the full 20% VAT rebate on purchases you made with that credit.
  1. If you need more sales
    BBXUK will designate an Account Manager to your account specifically to promote your services as a preferred supplier. No one in the community buys outside of the community if they can help it.  So you will find sales easy. BBXUK guarantees in writing to find you sales.
  2. If you want to groom your business for a sale.
    BBXUK will increase your sales, revenue and balance sheet significantly.  It can also help with the sales…………
  3. 4. 5. 6. 7………The list goes on.

Watch the video below now.  It will be an awakening. Probably the best news you have heard this year.  It was for me, owner of Success Moves when we joined.  We benefited so much I decided to buy a BBXUK franchise. As well as promoting it myself I am also recruiting work from home people to work with me.

Then give me, Alex McMillan a call on 07525-916574 and I will see what I can do to make the deal very attractive for you, whatever you current situation, resources (or lack of them) and goals.

Success Moves is a member and franchise holder with

business growth during lockdown

sales growth during lockdown