If you have spare capacity now. In other words you could take on new customers quickly without having to take on new staff/premises/equipment etc.  Plus you have limited marketing resources to recruit a team and build funnels, then you should apply to be a supplier to our preferred business network.  There are over 8,000 companies in the UK and over 100,000 worldwide.  They always place their orders withing the network first.  This gives members immediate and in fact guaranteed customers on joining.  There is a small one off joining fee, but you are guaranteed more orders than the joining fee anyway.  Here you will find lots of information.  But you probably want to move quickly so let us know what your company offers, what is so special about it and we will see if we can get you some instant orders from our network.

The network is called BBXUK.com  I first visited them selling our recruitment services contract which I achieved. At the meeting I was so impressed with what they offer I immediately signed up Success Moves to join.  I have never done this before on a sales visit.  As promised I now have a network of much easier sales and many other significant benefits. It works.  In fact so impressed I have now brought a Sales Franchise with them and have bolted on their offering to Success Moves as it is all about increasing sales for our clients.   Please call me Alex McMillan 07525-916574 to discuss how it may help your company.  First though have a watch of my video presentation on the BBX offer.

How to get more sales quickly

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