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We Recruit the Top 1%

To attract and secure the best, motivated productive sales and marketing professionals we utilise in most assignments our unique and copyrighted Interview Process Day, all included in the recruitment fee. Please see below for why you must seriously consider this option if you have high growth ambitions and want the top 1% of sales and marketing professionals in your team. Makes no mistake Success Moves Sales is for those companies who want to secure the best people long term and stream ahead of their competitors.

The Advantages of Recruiting through our Interview Process Days are significant.

  1. All processed on one day, by us.
  2. Time saving on no shows or interviewing poor level applicants.
  3. Presents company and opportunity as elite and special.
  4. Candidates have to prove skills not just claim them.
  5. Personality, Motivation and Attitude clearly shown.
  6. Competition.
  7. We carry out pre preparation set up work to ensure long term success.

We carry out fast but essential set up foundations, making sure all is ready to ensure we recruit the top 1% and they are consistently productive and profitable with our client. It includes various key foundational work.

  1. Project review and planning.
  2. Agreement of ideal candidates profiles in detail.
  3. Advice and design of remuneration scheme and contracts.
  4. Review and advice on job roles.
  5. Review and advice on product training.
  6. Validate all customer infrastructure is in place.
  7. Hotel, travel and meetings when appropriate.
  8. Copywriting advertisements.
  9. Earnings matrix and video production.
  10. Copywriting and publishing job description.
  11. Production and publishing of recruitment funnel.
  12. Testing target market.
  13. Set up of Zoom, Eventbrite and candidate processing system.
  14. Briefing of administration team.
  15. Launch job board adverts in media.
  16. Launch advertising on Facebook.
  17. Launch advertising on Linkedin.
  18. Facebook Messenger chatbot production and testing.

A Typical Interview Process Day. (IPDay)
We invite thirty people to a hotel venue all of whom confirm their attendance, 15 arrive. It is usually held on a Saturday, and we put candidates through various role plays and reject throughout the day.  You get the best, the winner(s) at the end of the event.  All interviewing is done on one day saving you substantial lost time and expense. As an option we can send a shortlist to a meeting in the office the following Monday to meet other partners. We emphasise that the winner(s) will be very ‘fired up’ and it is important to get them started asap.

We filter for people who can start immediately. After applying to adverts we send them to a more detailed job description. This will also include a video on the opportunity and an earnings matrix of ‘below’ and ‘above’ average performers in year one month by month.

A Plan for your Recruitment Day (The day is run in a 4 star hotel)

Outline of a Recruitment Day 

10:30 – 11:00 Registration
Applicants arrive to register.  They must sign our disclaimer to behave respectfully, confidentially, and honestly.  We verify identity. Whilst waiting to start we observe how they behave.  Who can mingle with others naturally?  Who are the leaders?

11:00 – Presentation by us first
We talk for 30 minutes to the group about the role, the company, the job.  Focus on the job pressures.  Paint a realistic picture and talk about the work, dealing with challenges, commitment until success is achieved.  We put off the weak and those who are thinking of trying their best. This saves you considerable time repeating the same message to everyone individually.

Then break for just 5 minutes and we invite anyone to drop out.

11:45 – Personal Presentations
We invite each person to make a 1-minute presentation.  You will see their confidence, (although interview nerves can be a positive thing), clarity of communication, persuasiveness, personality and how well they have listened to the previous talk and can use it in theirs.

12:15 – Team Leadership Role Play
We design an exercise where they must in a team present as a group and sell to the audience a similar product to that of the client.  You will immediately see the strong leaders when you ask them to form into 3/4 groups of their own choice.

Following the now two role plays, we add up the scores and reject those with lower scores.  We announce the rejections  in the nicest way as possible.

Those that remain are feeling naturally good whilst aware that the competition is increasing.

We take just a half an hour lunch break.

13:30 – Sales and Marketing Training (Optional and Geared to Role)
We give a basic training related to the job being recruited for.  Following this we put all applicants in a circle.

14:00 -15:30 Individual Sales and Communication Skills Role Play
We place all candidates in a circle. Invite them one by one to enter the circle and pitch a product that we state, to everyone around them. If no sales, they are out.  They must do the whole sales process. Get attention, establish rapport, identity someone with a need, open, objection handle, close. We also look for creativity, energy, passion, and determination to succeed. This exercise tests the sales skills thoroughly, which is also relevant to Marketing professionals.

Following this exercise, we again reduce the group size.

You now have an elite group of people, winners, who have proved that they can sell and are very motivated to win the job offer.

16:00 – Individual Interviews
You now have a select motivated group who want to pass to the last stage and win the offer.  We interview them with you, one by one. Before this we speak to the remaining elite as a group, to cover all the questions that they would all ask to save time.  This keeps the interviews short.

17:00 – Offers and Acceptances
Make final offer and starting decisions after reviewing all candidates.

You will have an elite team, who greatly value your offer and are determined to make every effort towards success.

If you want productive high performing motivated sales and marketing professionals, this product will put you ahead.  Call David Guy Sales Director now on 07870-180081

Commission only recruitment, self employed sales, sales agents, remote sales recruitment, salespeople recruitment

Your Recruitment Day – A better way to recruit

The process is simple, although there are many highly efficient processes to make it cost effective and efficient in delivering results.

Say you want to recruit between 1 to 12 sales and/or marketing people to add to your team to fuel expansion. Sales and profit growth.

First makes sure you have administration, marketing and sales support all in place for your new team to secure and amplify their productivity.   We will  now need to mass market through an automated system to trawl in a large group of applicants.  We filter by adding pre-qualifying questions in our adverts then direct appropriate applicants to a comprehensive job description, including multi media.

We also use recruitment funnels and chatbots on Facebook and Linkedin where it is easier to attract a appropriate audience.   This is a filtering and selling tool that is essential.  This job description also might give them recommended reading and pre-interview preparation tasks. We always ask them to confirm attendance.  On average even having confirmed only half will show up, the better half. To get a group of 15 we target 30+ confirmations.  All  of this is automated and can be re-run to keep building your remote or office based team.

Our process involves a lot of initial set up work and ensuring all the support services are in place. All interviewees are processed on the one day.  No drip feed over weeks of people coming in to see you once, then back again. No wasted time on ‘no shows’.

Commission only recruitment, self employed sales, sales agents, remote sales recruitment, salespeople recruitment

Where do we get candidates from?
a) Our own databases from previous contacts.  Including our own personal networks and followers.
b) We have built a self-employed sales community. We have done this on Facebook, Linkedin, YouTube and thorough our websites.
c) Recruitment advertising, chatbots and funnels on Facebook and Linkedin.
d) Community building programmes on Facebook and Linkedin usually offering free eBook downloads to build a self-employed sales community.
e) Job board and other media advertising. Buy in adverts in bulk from a media buyer.  As a bulk recruitment industry buyer we pay a fraction of retail prices. We have experts for copywriting and who know  the optimum days/times to publish.  We place multiple headings to match the variety of search criterion candidates use.
f) CV database email marketing
g) Exhibitions, events and giving talks

How long does it take to recruit?
Allow 2 weeks to gather a group together before your Recruitment Day. Then make offers and conclude acceptances on the day. Always start them as soon as possible.

Can you include selling exercises using my products?
Yes, In designing group and individual role plays we will use your own products and sales scripts.  You need to see them live as if working for you.  As well as increase your ability to judge it will also increase their reality of what the job entails.

Information you need to establish before you start.

  1. How many new staff can you onboard at one time?
  2. When do you want them?
  3. What salary/commission/residual/bonus/benefits do you offer?
  4. What training do you provide?
  5. What is special about your company’s products/services?
  6. What are your corporate values?
  7. What are your long-term growth plans?
  8. What does, or could someone progress to earnings wise?
  9. What is the demographic spread of your current sales and marketing team; age, background, education level etc?
  10. How many sales and marketing people do you currently employ?
  11. What career progression is possible?

If you want us to run your Recruitment Days

Standard prices and details below. Ask about special promotions.

Interview Process Days – Securing productive sales people.


Junior Positions Senior Positions Sales Rental Agreement
Investment/Price £20% + VAT per person

on starting salary

£25% + VAT per person

on starting salary

£350-£700 per month per person
Set Up Fee required


£3,000+ VAT £3,000+ VAT Depends on specific brief
Replacement Guarantee Period 3 Months 3 Months N/A
Average at event 10-30 6- 12 10-30
Processing Time Full Day Full Day Full Day
Role Play Assessments (Optional)

(Tailored to client)

(Final Process)

Personal Presentation

Group Presentation

Sales Presentation


Personal Presentation

Leadership Role Play

Closing role play


Personal Presentation

Group Presentation

Sales Presentation


 Training Yes No Yes
Ongoing Direct Support and  Consultancy Yes
All inclusive:
Client Consultancy on Admin/Marketing and Lead Gen Support Yes Yes Yes
Event Venue  4 Star Hotel  4 Star Hotel 4 Star Hotel
Job Description Yes Yes Yes
Multi-Media Yes Yes Yes
Chatbots/Funnels No Yes Yes
CV Provided Yes Yes Yes
Company Presentation Yes Yes Yes
Full Interviewing Process Yes Yes Yes
Eliminations by SM Yes Yes Yes
Investment/Price £3,000+ VAT advance on 20% per person £3,000+ VAT advance on 25% per person £350-£700 per month per person. Plus £700 + VAT advance.

Contact our Sales Director for a visit and specific proposal. 07870-180081

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